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Stewart Ziff and Alexis Hudgins: Reality Show

August 4 to August 18

opening reception: Thursday, August 9 at 6pm
closing reception: Saturday, August 18 at 8pm

Pairing two media makers, Los Angeles-based Alexis Hudgins, a graduate of the UCLA MFA program, and GSU media professor Stewart Ziff, {Poem88} provides the space and resources to pursue a ten-day, site-specific installation and performance that engages the Atlanta community and encourages their participation in a reality show. The project will begin in earnest on Saturday, August 4 with the building of the production office and creation of the interview set in preparation for Ziff's first day as the artist-occupant on Thursday, August 9.

For the duration of this project, Ziff uses the gallery as a working studio to create art while Hudgins employs strategies used in producing reality television to document his actions - continual surveillance, sound recordings, and detailed note-taking of the daily goings-on of art-making and community engagement, conversation and provocation. Using the basic structures of a reality television confessional, Ziff is interviewed every two to three days by a local psychiatrist about his daily work, both on camera and in front of the gallery audience (see below for interview schedule)

“Reality Show” weds art-making and performance, reality and fiction MTV-Real-World style. A closing reception and wrap party on Saturday, August 18 will allow viewers to observe the final interview between Ziff and psychiatrist for a dramatic review of the successes and failures of the show.

We invite you, our audience, to stop by the gallery and participate in the show... at our new location next door: Suite A04. The gallery will be open Tuesday-Saturday, noon to 8pm on interview days.... and noon to 6pm the rest of the time.

End of the day interviews will take place at 6pm on:

Thursday Aug 9
Saturday Aug 11
Tuesday Aug 14
Thursday Aug 16
Saturday Aug 18 at 8pm, finale

Ziff, “breath revisited,” work in progress 2010
Hudgins, “reverse-cut,” 2011
Hudgins, “interview set,” 2011

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