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Steven L. Anderson, 229 years, 2014, marker and pencil on paper, 50" x 50"
Susan Hable Smith, Strawberry Vine, 2014, oil on canvas, 50" x 50"


works by Steven L. Anderson and Susan Hable Smith

September 20 to November 8
opening reception: Saturday, September 20 at 7pm

Steven L. Anderson and Susan Hable Smith both explore their relationship to the natural world in their first two-person exhibit at Poem 88. Anderson's work is multifaceted. He creates drawings and photographs that are artifacts of profound engagement with place. Through an artist residency at the Joshua Tree National Park and through commissioned work for the Hammer Museum, Anderson explores the power of the natural world to alter our perspective and remind us that we are also part of nature. While this may seem elementary, Anderson's sensitive drawings and installations can be seen as a transmission of energy and the language of the natural world. 

Hable Smith's work chronicles the landscape of her backyard garden. Along with her travels to Italy, Asia, and South America, her mother's pressed flowers, family, community and light all play a huge role in her work. Natural elements and textures cultivated from her everyday experience make their way into large watercolor, ink wash, and dye paintings on paper. Susan is internationally recognized for her sensibility with color and form. She is the artist and designer behind the boldly colored and hand drawn patterns of Hable Construction, a 15 year old design firm that she created with her sister to produce colorful, contemporary textiles.

Together, Anderson and Hable Smith will present images that represent a flower, a garden, a forest, an epoch, a universe.

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