untitled, 12”x 10”, Acrylic and oil pastel

Whiteout #8, 12" x 10", Acrylic, latex

‘Apocalyptic Harmonium’ #1, 30"x 24", Acrylic, watercolor inks

current exhibition
Axis Mundi
new liminal space landscapes
David D’Agostino

7-9pm, Sat April 9
{ through May 14, 2011}

On Saturday April 9, {Poem88} at Tanner-Hill Gallery will exhibit new work by Atlanta artist David D’Agostino.

Rigorous reconsiderations of landscape and of figuration predominate within the three types of images: decorative, white-outs and post-human. According to
D’Agostino, he imagines these works existing across a continuum with traditional beauty at one end and a kind of post-apocalyptic vision at the other. That he focuses so intently on landscape as the vehicle for de-constructive activity is, perhaps, symbolic of human programs of degradation and renewal.

D’Agostino says about his process:
“The revealed, incised rawness of the 'Whiteout' paintings is disconnected and unrefined -- a toxic commingling of natural and human forces.   We are left with silent places of vacancy, poison and refuge where Original Color and Original Perspective are wiped out -- like white outs created by snowstorms blinding objective sight OR the erasure of layers of information by social propagandists....... the end game of climatic calamity..... coupled with the beginning of a new, nascent, psychedelic beauty as depicted by the final series of paintings Apocolyptic Harmonium.”

Finally, D’Agostino uses these images and process of imaging toward performance collaborations. In conjunction with the Atlanta Poets Group, D’Agostino works as instigator providing the inchoate image toward an indeterminate end. Luckily, the collaborators are aligned in ideas of immateriality resulting in performances full of energy and unpredictable occurrence. (Rapidly made videos from the performance: first night, third night.)

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