EK Huckaby

For nearly a quarter century, EK Huckaby has been creating uncanny paintings, sculptures, and installations intended to capture and encapsulate forever a moment in time or a sometimes fictitious cultural artifact. Born and raised in the American South, Huckaby frames this conceptual image-making through a self-styled mode of inquiry: The Department of Dysiatrics, meaning the practice of mistakes.

One cannot help but be mesmerized and enveloped by the poetry, melancholy and romantic gesture of his work. Huckaby incorporates wry word play with  altered found objects, luscious painting with found imagery cataloguing in a deliberately imprecise yet devotional manner, relics of the wanderings of his imagination. 

Just a few of the subjects his work includes: funereal displays, carefully wrapped and tied parcels, eyeglass lenses, taxidermy, incandescent bulbs, foundlings, bird cages, flower petals, wedding cakes, paint chips, a collections of private correspondence, postage stamps, firecrackers, hospital rooms, seed packets, light fixtures, and precious heirlooms. 

When asked about the layers of meaning and host of inspirations his work embodies, Huckaby preserves its feeling of mystery encased in the accretion of pigment and glaze saying only: 

We fondly set about kneading distinctions out of the dim nought.
Insects evade our amber traps but moments fain to linger.
We insist on seeing things as they briefly are.

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