new paintings & objects by
EK Huckaby

7-9pm, October 16, 2010
{ through November 28 }

artist statement:
We take this moment
and wrap it in thought
leaving the feelings exposed
then release the experience

{Poem 88} at Tanner-Hill Gallery will present its first exhibition by a long-time fixture in the Atlanta arts community. Huckaby’s work typically explores undercurrents of mystery and the occult within a philosophical framework of his own making. Referencing a train of thought in a new direction, Excursus is Huckaby’s recent explorations of light seen through his now trademark alchemical varnishes. Aspects of Southern Gothic, spiritualism, and a kind of personalized system of scientific classification continue to coalesce in Huckaby's work and re-emerge as a kind of reverie for something lost.

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VIDEO: EK Artist Talk

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