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In Kyoung Chun: You are Here

May 16 to July 3

reception: Sat, May 16 at 7pm
in our new location!

In Kyoung Chun's second solo exhibition at Poem 88, You are Here, offers delights at every turn. Her paintings further her continued interest in the depiction of ki energy through the use of bubble forms interacting with, and sometimes obscuring, landscapes and domestic scenes. The bubbles become proxies for "you" and "I" -- inextricably bound together and offering parallel narratives of yin and yang, male and female, parent and child. In watercolors and oils on canvas, Chun revisits earlier works and imagines them afresh, distilled into greater and greater abstraction. Dollhouses and urban landscapes of rooftops melt into pastel, amorphous puzzles.

Newly realized translucent houses push this inquiry into the third dimension. Made of plexiglass with light components, these new sculptures announce a new, more crystalline manifestation.

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