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Water Ways, an installation

August 21 to Sept 6
opening reception: Thursday, August 21 at 7pm

Water Ways is a multimedia installation by the artist collective By Ways, which includes Atlanta family members who now live in three separate North American watersheds*, the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint Rivers, the Hudson River, and the French Broad River. The work investigates the sensory, geographical and storied nature of water. Video, sculpture, found object, assemblage, and earthwork explore water’s elemental qualities, which make both dwelling and movement possible. Condensation, pool, river, waterfall, stream, bay, ice, vapor and liquid inspire method and metaphor.

By Ways members include project leader and artist/designer Judy Henson, artist/projection designer, Anna Henson, and musician/artist, Sarah Henson.  

* A watershed is the land area that drains to a point in a river, stream or other body of water. Every living thing within the watershed is in some way connected to the water within it.

Judy Henson completed her BA in art at Cornell College and her MFA in sculpture at Ohio State University. After graduate school she worked for many years in the field of exhibit design for art, history and natural history museums, including Fernbank Museum in Atlanta. She was also involved in the Atlanta art community in the seventies through editorial work for Contemporary Arts Southeast and Atlanta Art Papers, now Art Papers. She has also exhibited at Heath Gallery, the High Museum of Art (The Avant-Garde: 12 in Atlanta, curated by John Howett), the Atlanta College of Art (Origins and Evolutions, curated by Genevieve Arnold), Nexus Contemporary Arts Center (The Avant-Garde Revisisted), the Michael C. Carlos Museum (Connections and Contradictions: Contemporary Art from Atlanta Collections, curated by Genevieve Arnold), and MOCA GA (A Tribute to the Artists of Heath Gallery). She has been a three-time fellow at The Hambidge Center. Additionally, a selection of her poems are included in "part/pieces/fragments: five Atlanta poets" published by Circle B Press.

Anna Henson is a New York City based artist, projection designer, and digital experience designer. She creates immersive, intermedia performances, installations, and projection mapped environments. High and low-tech devices become extensions of the human body, and adaptive communication tools. Performers and collaborators have included dancers, writers, interior designers, software and hardware engineers, actors, opera singers, composers, mathematicians, and audience members. Her work has been exhibited and performed nationally and internationally, from Off-Broadway in New York, to Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre Company, to environments underneath Glasgow train stations. Anna Henson holds an MFA in video and performance from The Glasgow School of Art, and lectures in Projection Design, Digital Media, Photography, and 2-D Design.


Sarah Henson completed a BA in art with honors at Cornell College, where she worked with Robert Dana, the late Poet Laureate of Iowa, to create installation and book art which referenced his poetry to create installation and self-binding books with handmade paper and living Big Bluestem grass. During her residency at Colorado Art Ranch she continued her investigations of the interweaving of nature and language through handmade paper pieces, Water Quilt and Weeds of Colorado. Her interests in ethnobotany and visual art have also led to work in the landscape, including creating a family cemetery for residents of the Black Mountains in NC where she now lives, as well as pursuing interests in organic gardening, wild foraging and music. Her music and art both emerge through repetition, accumulation and abstraction. Interest in traditional music which grew close to nature and its sounds are reflected in her 6 and 12-string guitar compositions.

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